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Olivia Sihombing

Rabu, 07 Januari 2009

Sales Promotion Girl ( SPG) In Pakuwon Trade center Surabaya

Rabu, 03 Oktober 2007

Julia Estelle doesn't pass her Junior High Exam !

Once there is a saying "Brain and Beauty are never collide" and now it seems that saying is true ! She didn't even pass her Junior High exam from the last examination ! What a girl....

julie estellesmileeeeee....!

julie estelle


julie estelle

Did your sister pass the exam....?

julie estelleI don't give a damn ! All I wanna do is becoming Indoensian next porn starlet, that's it !!

Sarah Azhari Finally Response Her Baby's Father

After facing nearly-death-experiment on car-crash yesterday, she seems got an enlightenment. Finally she confessed about her baby's father. "My baby's father actually is Pedro Carascalao......eh...err...Alex litaay....errr...Bedu...errr...the point is countless. I can not remember so many men slept with me you know, as my math just got F averagely in my junior hig..."

Ladies and gentlemen, now we know who the hell the father is....
Case closed.

sarah azhari

Come to mama....

sarah azhari

I'm the master of dildoing....

NOva Eliza - The Pearl of Aceh

Just like any other Aceh-breedings like cut keke, cut tari, rissa susmex :P or Aceh-wannabe cut memey, they usually have a genuine sensual face. A face lead to something nasty....

Nova_ Eliza

An invitation to open legs....!

Nova_ Eliza

Closed but open....

Nova_ Eliza

sweety hitch-hiker....

Nova_ Eliza

Hot belly....

Ayo Tebak ini Siapa?


What do you think everyone ?

Julia Perez- Male Or Shemale?

Some says she's not the real female, some says she's a real and genuine female, even hotter ! What do you think guys ?


Is that tits' fake ?


Feeling something miss....?


love and laugh....


down and up exposure....


The dream smile....

julia_perezWho give it a damn if she's female or shemale ? Definitely she's hot ! That's it !

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